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Glute work this morning! I am all about bringing something new to this years @mrolympiallc - 16 weeks out✨👏🏼 • Improvement Season: 🙋🏻‍♀️ • My 2018 Sponsors and Affiliations: Supplements: @steelfitusa Gym Wear: @officialbetterbodies Off and On-stage glow: @protan_official Make-Up: @wwwbeeyecandycom Show Suits: @angelcompetitionbikinis Sparkle: @glamcompjewelry Chocolate Fix: @bambodynutrition

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H A P P Y W E E K E N D 🌞 Wir waren heute morgen noch einmal in der "lila" Blumenwiese. Das war auch gut so, denn die meisten Blumen waren schon verblüht. In meiner Story konntet ihr schon Trincos neues Set, bestehend aus Leine und Halsband von @_zauberpfoten sehen. Sieht es nicht toll aus? Das Material ist sehr weich, liegt optimal in der Hand und die Farben passen einfach toll zu Trinco. Durch die besonderen Karabiner kann man den Hund schnell ableinen, das ist super für Hunde, die auch mal ohne Leine laufen. Durch den Anhänger, der beschriftet ist, ist das Set personalisiert, was mir besonders gut gefällt. Wenn ihr auch so ein tolles Set haben möchtet, schaut doch mal auf der Seite von @_zauberpfoten vorbei und spart mit dem Code "Trinco10" 10%! Habt alle noch einen ganz tollen Abend!☺ ____________________________________ We were again this morning in the purple flower meadow. That was a good thing, because most of the flowers were already dead. In my story you could already see Trinco's new set consisting of a leash and collar by @_zauberpfoten. Doesn't it look great? The material is very soft, fits perfectly in the hand and the colors are just great for Trinco. Due to the special carabiners you can quickly clear the dog, which is great for dogs that sometimes run without a leash. The set is personalized with the pendant, which I particularly like. If you also want to have such a great set, have a look at @_zauberpfoten and save 10% with the code "Trinco10"! I hope you have a great evening! ☺ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #werbung . . . . . 10% @frenchiepaws "ModelTrinco" 10% @buddyscrew "TRINCO10" 10% @yuppi.puppi "TRINCO" 10% @jules.pfotenglueck "trinco10%" . __________________________________🌟🌟🌟 #Trinco #dogoargentino #trinco_u_isa #dogsofinstaworld #hundefotografie #dogosofinsta #dogphotography #topdogphoto #picoftheday #excellent_dogs #bestbuddy #bestdog #humpday #topdogphoto #thecoolpets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Sweat-It Saturdays 💦 What’s everybody training this weekend? Making the most of the Bank Holiday in the UK? 🙏 - @kimfrench87 styling the Koala/Sapphire Seamless Set 😍💙

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The question is.. which colour do you choose? We think we’ll go for all three seamless sets 😏😍 - @oliviarosefitt rocking the Blush, Koala & Cloud colours, looking insane! 😮

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Stupid me

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Ich mache mir gerade einen entspannten Fernsehabend mit meiner Familie, ansonsten habe ich heute nichts besonderes zu erzählen. Daher möchte ich euch einfach nur einen schönen Start ins Wochenende wünschen! ☺️❤️

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Just thinking about that one time we honeymooned in Playa Mujeres 3 weeks ago ☀️💋 our first private vacation together brought me so much joy and made me feel like a goddess. R&R was turnt up and so was I! #secretsplayamujeres @secretsresorts @kl_swimwear

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City views 😉🍑📸 @valentivitell

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Wait how did I forget #humpday ? 💁🏼‍♀️

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Bit of fun backstage with the class 1 monsters. @neilbinnington @martingrover @bigpalenasty #makingamonster

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General video of me effortlessly applying and executing with @steelfitusa 🔥 1.) Buns of Steel 2.) Abs of Steel 3.) Waist Trimmer 4.) Cardio 5.) Deal with the swamp you have created😁🤣 • • • With photoshoots and a video shoot coming up next week, I’m just trying to push some water out from underneath my skin and tighten up. In my offseason I STILL USE all of my SteelFitUSA products. For my photo shoots I will also be starting my HydraSteel, natural water reduction supplement💦 All of my SteelFit products come in handy all year around! There is never a shortage of SteelFit in my household! Get your @steelfitusa at a discount with my code CASEY and also take advantage of the sales going on with codes TONE and SIXPACK! So many savings for a product that is worth every single penny.

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Doesn’t she look AMAZING!????? 20 weeks of hard work & sacrifice🙌🏽 Finals is gone’ be shook cus she’s coming in HOT 🔥🙃

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When in heaven🌟😻💞 #edclv2018 @electriiclovee

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H A P P Y #friyay 😃 Schon wieder ist eine Woche um. Wenn man frei hat, dann freut man sich gar nicht so auf den Freitag. Aber Trinco macht Luftsprünge, weil ich ihm erzählt habe, dass die nächste Woche schon wieder eine kurze Woche ist. Ich wünsche euch einen guten Start ins Wochenende ☺ _____________________________________ Another week is over. If you don't have to work, then you don't look forward to Friday. But Trinco is making leaps in the air because the next week is already a short week. I wish you a good start to the weekend ☺ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #werbung Collar: @belinchen.design💙 . . . . 10% @frenchiepaws "ModelTrinco" 10% @buddyscrew "TRINCO10" 10% @yuppi.puppi "TRINCO" 10% @jules.pfotenglueck "trinco10%" . __________________________________🌟🌟🌟 #Trinco #dogoargentino #trinco_u_isa #dogsofinstaworld #hundefotografie #dogosofinsta #dogphotography #topdogphoto #picoftheday #excellent_dogs #puppylife #humpday #topdogphoto #thecoolpets #ostsee #dahme ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Uptown Funk! At @uptownflats 🎉❤️ Happy FriYAY everyone! Love my team! @headinguptown @andreasbigcity @the_wolf_of_harlem @naomigreenberg

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“Break the cycle, Morty. Rise above. Focus on science”😂😱😍🙏 #edclv2018 @lily2silly

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“Things are working for you not against you.” Yesss @simplyme_146 for this morning reminder. Happy #humpday! - Do you have something positive or important to say? Tag us in your videos using our hashtag #xoTribe to be featured. We’ll be posting one every Wednesday! #blackgirlmagic #wednesdaywisdom

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Not gonna lie I felt hella bootylicious last night 🍑 and now it's a sunny Saturday and a bank holiday weekend! Feeling super happy right now and sending out positive vibes and thoughts to you all. Whatever you're doing this weekend I hope you have an amazing one 💛🌞

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Happy Humpday ! I always make sure my driver keeps everything lubed properly ... ~~~~~~~~~~ In it to win it ! ~~~~~~~~~~

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Let’s have a moment of silence because today was leg day and I killed it! Ain’t nothing like making it through a brutal leg workout man. Always come out feeling like a Greek God! Also hit some sprints at the Tcu track today. What in the world is happening to me? I SORTA like running now lol ouchere 🦍 @bvfit_apparel @texaschristianuniversity #legday #humpday #bvfit #quads #tan #fitness #physique #bodybuilding #floatfest #photoshoot #powerlifting #fitnessmodel #tcu #summer18 #summershredding #lifestyle #junkbrands #fit #fitfam #athlete #instafit #jaytaylorfitness

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Surfs up 🏖 @amandafranssoon @filippafranssoon

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Seamless Set Slayin’ @miaricaplaza 🔥 Rock Mia’s look today via the link in our bio. Who else is loving the Blush/Ruby Pink shade? 😍

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Happy Friday 🍑😘 @clairebonaccorso

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as mamas, we go through so many changes with our bodies + with that comes an overflow of insecurities. through all the changes, i am so grateful to my body that is growing a healthy baby. i was just reminded the other day that ‘we were made for this!’ so much truth in that. we were made for this + i’m thankful to be on this sweet journey.❤️ Regrann from @ivanakaryhn . . . . #maternity #inspirepregnancy #pregnancy #pregnant  #babybump #bump #bumpie  #momsofinstagram #motherhood #mommytobe #momtobe  #humpday #preggo #mom #momlife

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