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They’re joyful, encouraging + full of Jesus. The world needs more people like Heather and Tyler.

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Bring on all the woodsy vibes Makeup: @hayleynoelartistry Florals: @blairduganfloraldesign Dress: @kirstenpaige

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When your best friends are beautiful and they ask you to take pics of them. 😍

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boat tours, cape cod and lots of puppy love. more sessions like this, please!

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A smile is the best accessory you can ever wear.

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The sweet + tender moments always deserve a good black and white.

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And something a little different - In my search for wildlife I often come across two types of locales that make me pause and contemplate. The first are those places that have no indication of past human contact. The second however takes me back to the past as I, in a sense, connect with those who were here long before me and the generations who preceded me. To a time of heartier people who’s continued existence depended on their knowledge of the land that I roam, sometimes aimlessly. People like the Shoshone, and specifically those known as the sheep eaters. #nativeamerican #native #shoshone #wyoming #treasures #treasures_and_nature #treasuresofthepast #petroglyphs #livinghistory #explore #exploring_shotz #wanderingphotographers #wandering #nativehistory #wildernessculture #wilderness

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sunset made better with two

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I’ve been to San Francisco a handful of times, I’ve finally figured it out. Take epic pictures of the bridge, run around the streets, and have a quick picnic lunch soaking in the views from the park. And than as fast as you can drive to coast to Big Sur! ✨💖 #beachdazeovercitynights

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Dominik 🍃 Ceyda Photo by: @kenan_egin_photographyy @k.e.n.a.n.e.g.i.n #kenanegin H&M @semygoldenhands •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Do you like this photo? Double tap on it and leave a comment! 👆🏼👆🏼📝 Do you like my photos? Follow me! ✅ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Pls TURN ON posts notifications 💕 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••☎ / Whats App +4917656719545 👉please leave some comments! 👉ich freue mich über Kommentare! #freiburg #india #love #zürich #bern #chur #genf #stgallen #thun #lugano #loveandwildhearts #laufenburg #sombrebeings #basel #beloved #wanderingphotographers #weilamrhein #bern #weddingphotographer #weddingphotojournalism #authentichairarmy #belovedstories #trauung #submittopwedphoto #chicvintageweddings #utahphotographer #elopementphotographer #weddinginsider #heyheyhellomay @weddingbible.de @weddingdressesofficial @weddingphotographersociety @weddingphotoinspiration @kenan_egin_photographyy @wedding_life @wedding.pages @wedisson_com @weddingdream @weddingdressesofficial @mywed @boho.wedding @weddingideas_brides

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(s) quad goals

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I hope your week is as aesthetically pleasing as this couple + this styled shoot was! 😍 Styled Shoot Details: Coordinators: @crowned.events HMUA: @lovepbeauty Dress: @kirstenpaige Florals: @layeredvintage Install: @kindredandcopper Jewelry: @handmeetssky Wedding Rings: @kasiajewelry Venue: @sacredmountainjulian

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If I were to describe this wedding in one word, that would be “innocence”. I asked Andreea how the two of them met, and she told me their story. It reminded me of those old tales I used to read when I was little: Two people going to Uganda to serve others, becoming friends in the meantime. He comes back with a hand problem, she goes visiting him at the hospital. He gives her a trinket, she gives him a book. They become better friends and finally, he pops the question on a hill, after a long bike trip and she says yes. All about their wedding was pure. His sloppy movements, her childish laughter, and everything else in between.

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HAPPY HUMP DAY 👐 Say hello to my furry friend ☝️🐱 Animals are fun to photograph because they are always doing adorable, unpredictable things 😻 I think I have to blow one of these up for my wall 💛💖💜🖤

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This retreat has been a legit DREAM! And Rachel killed it yesterday!! I can’t even form words because my excitement is simply causing incoherent sound effects. But in short, @retreatyoselfxo has brought me out of comfort zones, stretched my creativity in a new way and made me excited for the journey rather than overwhelmed 🙌 . . . Model: @rachelcadmanphoto

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Surf, Kilt and France. Check out this wedding that happened in Biarritz features on @leblogdemadamec ~ link in bio.

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120 days until we’re married... I promise to never stop playing with your hair 😉❤️

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If you want to go do all the touristy things on your wedding day, you better bet we're all in! No judgement here. If you're looking for something a little more off the beaten path, we're still all in. Basically, you do your wedding exactly how you want and we'll be all in the whole way! 🙌⠀

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two happy hearts

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If you could boil a wedding day down to one moment, one frame, to me it would be this one. *This* is what matters to me.

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I love that I get glimpses of families and witness the love they have for each other and their babes. It fills me with complete joy and I couldn’t think of a better job. 💓

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I have a fondness for street photography that borders on obsession. I love wandering the streets of a new (or even familiar) city with my camera in hand, taking photos that each have a story to tell...So it is the story behind the photo that I strive to capture in my work. The story of an individual life, of a way of life, of particular place. That is what I see in each photo I take - not just the 1/200th of a second of time immortalized in the photograph itself- but an entire story that stretches onward and backward through time. With that said, I hope that you will join me on June 1 from 5:00 - 9:00 PM for the opening of On Street Photography - A candid exhibit and discussion on SP at @firstlightgalleryky in Louisville, KY. I am thrilled to have had photos selected for this exhibition of street photography by local and regional artists. I have seen several of the pieces already, and I am excited and honored that my work will be handing alongside that of such talented and passionate photographers. When you see the photographs, especially in print, I urge you to think about the stories that are being woven, the histories, and the possibilities. See my bio for more info! 📷: Guay Tiew Reau (Boat Noodles) | Bangkok, Thailand #streetphotography #travelphotography #worldtraveler #chasinglight #lookslikefilm #adventure #adventureawaits #welivetoexplore #travelandlife #neverstopexploring #sheexplores #exploretocreate #visualstoryteller #feedyouradventure #stayandwander #wanderingphotographers #visualcollective #yourshotphotographer #travelawesome #backpackerstory #wearethewild #aroundtheworld #bangkok #thailand #mastinlabs

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Good lord I love spring in these mountains. ... Dress and headpiece by @wildflowerbridal Henna by @ashevillehenna

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Everything is so much better when locals show you around! Me & my new friend Alice went to the forbidden city for a day trip. I think I never seen so much people 😂 but I think that you experience so much more with the locals. Beijing is amazing & I will miss it a lot when I leave 🇨🇳 #visitchina #womanwhoexplore #explorechina #igersbeijing #wanderingphotographers

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just you, me, & the dog. ✨

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Sad because back to Canada means these two go back to America 💔

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I wish you could see me in this picture 😂

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This session is such a favorite of mine and reminds me of Scotland! Which is to segway into letting ya know that Landon and I are planning to visit there next spring and will booking a limited number of sessions while there! 🖤

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There's just something about black + white that gets me every time.

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No. 8 🖤 Porch-livin' ✌️ Double-tap if this made you smile! This kid is amazing.

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It’s only been 4 months, and I already think it’s time to head back to Hawaii for some rad sessions. Any takers?

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